Spatial 3D enviroment Portfolio

CGM Verse

Hi-Res baked texture example with many complex object and structure details.

Vertices: 174.643

Edges: 458.670

Faces: 282.712

Triangles: 332.301

File size: 20,4 MB

CGM Center

Corporate example.
In this space we present all areas of our IT consulting company.

Vertices: 190.346

Edges: 231.470

Faces: 91,576

Triangles: 91,576

File size: 53,6 MB


Example of high performance setting.
Maximum exploitation of reflections minimizes the use of textures.
The use of simple but well blended figures minimize the number of vertices without giving up an attractive look.

Vertices: 11.179

Edges: 18.060

Faces: 7.973

Triangles: 20.142

File size: 4,1 MB

Spatial City Preview

Spatial City

Example of futuristic multi-area infrastructure.

Vertices: 371.748

Edges: 624.111

Faces: 293.128

Triangles: 371.127

File size: 28,8 MB

Arena Club

Sci-fi example of a gaming or clubbing area.

Vertices: 233.317

Edges: 381.397

Faces: 188.448

Triangles: 188.448

File size: 48,3 MB

Duck's Villa Preview

Duck's Villa

Realistic example of a real place reproduction.

Vertices: 601.842

Edges: 1.084.747

Faces: 565.710

Triangles: 597.365

File size: 24,2 MB

CGM Architecture

Example of real estate architecture.

Vertices: 120.641

Edges: 263.345

Faces: 142.872

Triangles: 239.108

File size: 22,8 MB

Spatial Planetorium

Example of an educational area.

Vertices: 255.367

Edges: 740.709

Faces: 485.006

Triangles: 503.014

File size: 58 MB

Water Meditation

Example of an Art Gallery.

Vertices: 93.819

Edges: 236.927

Faces: 143.443

Triangles: 186.415

File size: 7,2 MB